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1. Purchases

When placing an order, an agreement for that purchase is only made when Hambedo confirms the order with an email order confirmation. The order confirmation is automatically generated by the Hambedo database without manual review. In the event of an error such as (but not limited to) price, delivery time, etc., we reserve the right to correct this after the fact.
You must be at least 18 years of age to place an approved order on our site.
Hambedo reserves the right to correct any printing errors. All image information must be seen as example illustrations; products are not guaranteed to have the same exact appearance and condition as the example image.

2. Price

All prices include VAT at 25%. When an order is confirmed, prices can only be changed under circumstances outside of Hambedo’s control such as (but not limited to) significant changes in commodity prices, currency changes, or changes in VAT.

3. Deliveries — Delivery time

Delivery is free for orders greater than 199 SEK. For other orders, delivery is 49 SEK.
Deliveries are sent via DHL or post. Delivery time is typically 2–5 business days.

Transport Risk: 
We assume responsibility for risks to the shipment during transport, i.e., the risk of the goods being damaged or lost during transport from our warehouse to the delivery location. You assume the risk for any return shipments to us.

Unresolved orders:
If you do not claim your package, we reserve the right to charge a fee of up to 200 SEK for our shipping and delivery costs.

4. Payment Options

Hambedo reports all prices inclusive of VAT. Shipping charges apply. No other taxes or fees will be added when placing an order.
All payments and refunds are made through our payment provider, Klarna.
Refunds will be made within 14 business days of receiving and approving your return request.
All false or fraudulent orders will be reported to the police; we will provide all essential information such as IP numbers and other relevant details.

In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer you the following payment methods. Payment is to be made to Klarna.
Pay in [14] days: The payment period is 14 days from shipment of the goods or tickets/ availability date of the service. You can find the complete terms and conditions for the markets where this payment method is available here: United KingdomGermanySwedenNorwayDenmarkFinlandAustriaSwitzerlandand the Netherlands.
Financing: With the financing service from Klarna you can pay your purchase in flexible or fixed monthly instalments according to the conditions stated in the checkout. The instalment payment is due at the end of each month after submission of a separate monthly invoice by Klarna. Further information regarding Slice It including terms and conditions and Standard European Consumer Credit Information you can find here for the markets where this payment method is available: Austria, the United KingdomGermanySwedenNorwayDenmarkand Finland.
Direct bank transfer: Available in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands. Your account will be debited directly after placement of your order.
Direct Debit: Your account will be debited after shipment of the goods or tickets/ availability date of the service or in case of a subscription in accordance with the timelines communicated. You will be notified about the date(s) by email.
Card Payments: Available in Sweden, Germany and Austria. The amount will be reserved on your card and will be debited after shipment of the goods or tickets/ availability date of the service. In case of a subscription the amount will be debited in accordance with the timelines communicated.The payment methods Pay in [14] days, Slice It and direct debit are only available in case of a positive credit assessment. For this purpose, during the order process and handling of your purchase, we forward your data for an address and credit check to Klarna. We can only offer you the payment methods available based on the result of the credit check.General information about Klarna and the user terms per country can be found on Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance with the information in Klarnas privacy statement.

5. Right of withdrawal and open purchase for 30 days

When purchasing goods from Hambedo AB, customers are eligible to exercise their right of withdrawal (the right to return a good or cancel a purchase agreement) according to all relevant legislation such as the (2005:59) Swedish Distance Contracts Act (Distansavtalslagen) or other applicable laws. This means you have the right to cancel your purchase by sending a message to Hambedo AB through approved channels within 14 days from the day you received the item (this 14-day period is the deadline to exercise your right of withdrawal).
In addition, Hambedo AB offers an open purchase period of 30 days. 
If you would like to exercise your right of withdrawal, please contact Hambedo AB. The easiest way to contact Hambedo AB is through the "your account" page on Hambedo AB's website. On this page you can create a case and obtain a return number. The purpose of the return number is to facilitate identification and administration for your return. You can also notify Hambedo AB of your intent to withdraw from a purchase by filling out the applicable from available from the Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket). This form should then be mailed to Hambedo AB. The form can be found here: Send this form to Hambedo AB via the address listed under the heading "Contact Us" below.
When exercising your right of withdrawal, all goods must be returned to Hambedo AB within 14 days from the date you notified Hambedo AB of your intention to exercise this right.
The amount you paid for the goods including the original shipping cost will be refunded within 14 days from when Hambedo AB received the notice of your intent to exercise of the right of withdrawal, contingent upon the fact that Hambedo AB has received the specified product within that time frame or that some proof has been provided that the goods were properly sent. Refunded sums may be issued via a different method than the payment method originally used.
You have the right to examine the goods to the extent necessary in order to determine the characteristics or functionality of said goods. However, you may be required to compensate Hambedo AB for any depreciation of the goods that such examination entails. Such compensation may be necessary if the product has been used or handled to a greater extent than was necessary to determine its properties or functionality. This compensation can amount to the total sale price of the item. 

6. Complaints

According to the Swedish Consumer Sales Act (Konsumentköplagen), you as a customer have the right to issue a complaint for a period of three (3) years after you have received the goods. Hambedo AB adheres to the Swedish Consumer Sales Act, and furthermore offers our customers a one-year warranty.
Hambedo inspects every shipment before dispatching it. In the event that an item is still damaged or has been incorrectly dispatched when it arrives, we will undertake to remedy the error free of charge.
We will replace products that we have found to be incorrectly dispatched or damaged.
In the event of a valid return, Hambedo AB will pay the costs of the return shipping. However, if you ordered more goods than the one you returned, Hambedo is not responsible for refunding the full shipping cost.
In the event of a dispute, we follow the recommendations of the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (Allmänna reklamationsnämnden).

7. Personal Information

Hambedo AB will, in connection with a customer's order or website visit, process personal data in accordance with all applicable data protection legislation and our privacy policy. For more information about our privacy policy/personal information policy, please click here.

8. Warranty

Hambedo AB sells all products with a one-year warranty. The product warranty applies to malfunctions that occur during the warranty period. Your invoice/warranty certificate is, for the sake of simplicity, the same document. This document will come with the shipment as part of your order. Please keep this document as it is required in order to invoke your warranty or to issue a complaint.

9. Delivery Delays

If a delay arises regarding the delivery of an order, we will notify you via email. Customers have the right to cancel purchases in the event of delivery delays. We will do everything in our power to fulfil your order. There may, however, be circumstances that render it impossible to fulfil the order, such as when our suppliers are unable to fulfil their commitments to us. In such cases, we reserve the right to exempt ourselves from all compensation to the customer regarding delays in delivery.

10. Excusable breaches of contract (force majeure)

A breach of contract is excusable if the ability to fulfil the contract or activities specified therein are hindered by a circumstance beyond the control of the acting party. These breaches pertain to activities that the party could not have reasonably taken into account in general or during the time that the contract was made; it also pertains to circumstances whose consequences could not have been reasonably avoided or overcome. Examples of this include (but are not limited to): acts of war, natural disasters, labour strikes, traffic accidents, inclement weather and fire.
If the obstacle is only temporary, the breach of contract is excusable for as long as is reasonable given the obstacle's implications for hindering the party's ability to fulfil their contractual agreements.
Hambedo AB is not responsible for additional costs due to delays in delivery.

11. Address and Terms of Agreement

Hambedo AB
Larsfridsvägen 9
302 50 Halmstad
Org No: 559048-2633
VAT: SE559048263301


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